About Me

"Creating diverse and inclusive books for children to encourage creativity, independence, teamwork, kindness, and emotional intelligence".
- Erica Asare, Author /Publisher-

Described as a curious but compassionate author by her adoring fans and readers, Erica Asare is a multi-talented author. Over the years, she has honoured her writing skill to perfection, beginning from a young age when she was conjuring up stories from her imagination, sharing them with anyone who would listen.
Some authors are born with the natural talent for storytelling, and Erica Asare is surely one of them. Reading and writing have always been her favourite hobbies. She is more of an innovative writer; after reading and listening to her children read, she realised there had to be more creative and interesting stories to share with the world. Erica didn't shy away from taking up the challenge of turning her passion into a profession, thereby producing high-quality books for children.

Erica Asare resides in London where she doubles as a dedicated children's author and an educator/playleader. She has a BA in Early Childhood Studies and MA in Special Educational Needs. She enjoys reading to children and listening to children read. This prompts her to give to the little one's stories that will educate, encourage, and moralize them at the same time.

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