How to encourage your child to read

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Children will often look up to their parent to understand their environment. They will mimic our behaviors to fit in this world. They will quickly pick the ques that make their parent love and like them more. It is the duty of a parent to guide a child in the right direction. Cultivating positive, life-improving habits in their kids should be an important and regular lesson.

Reading is a perfect way for a child to understand, explore, learn and experience what life has to offer. You will notice that your child will be inclined into reading certain books. Your work will be to feed that interest with a collection of books in that area.

Here are methods that you can apply to make your child want to read more:

  • Buying a collection of educational toys- Buying education toys that promote reading while still making it fun is one of the ways to make your child have an interest in reading. You can easily find books that are read with fun-like animations. This will help your child improve their vocabulary and also their speaking.

  • Show an interest in reading yourself – If most of the time you have a book or reading on an iPad or smartphone, your children will most likely pick up this habit and will start doing it. Subscribe for them online bookstores and let them enjoy different books available.

  • Buy books with pictures- When shopping for children books you will notice that they are filled with illustrations. Children are more likely to remember figures, objects and shapes in books. Look for books with interesting illustrations. They should be real life like, coloured and doing interesting activities that go with the story in the book.

  • Have reading games- Inclusivity of fun into reading will surely make your child love reading. Such games as Matching games, among many others can be used. It is important for you to actively participate in these games to show them that even as an adult you are enjoying reading.

  • Changing your voice into the characters – Changing your voice when you are reading a story to your child will bring the story to life. You can also add sound effects and natural sounds to the story to make it more interesting. Include animal sounds or change voice to show different in size of characters.

Those are some of the ways that you can make reading fun for your kid hence encouraging a reading habit. Remember to gift and reward when you notice an improvement in your child's reading habit.

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