How to Increase Your Child's Memory, Creativity and Emotional Intelligence

Parents often think about how they could increase their children’s memory, creativity and emotional intelligence. To be honest, these are genuine concerns for all caring parents who desire good things for their children.

Dr. Jennifer Duffy of NorthCentral University once said, “reading is a fundamental skill needed to function in society. Words -spoken or written- are the building blocks by which a child’s mind grows. Reading is not only essential to a child’s verbal and cognitive development, but it also teaches the child to listen, develop new language, and communicate.”

We can infer from Dr. Jennifer Duffy’s statement above that reading is an important process that can help children grow tremendously in the following three ways:

· To have a good memory: A child who reads regularly has the opportunity of having a good memory. By reading many books, children are exposed to a number of new words and vocabularies that will stick to their minds for a very long time. They can use those words to communicate effectively with their friends and people in their surroundings.

· Increased creativity: Books help little children to creatively visualize the worlds that are described in the pages they are reading. A typical example of this is that a child can clearly picture in his or her fertile mind how cold and white snow is, and how beautiful are maple leaves even though he or she grows up in a location where there is neither snow nor a maple tree. This level of creativity can be extended to cover other areas of the child’s experiences.

· Better emotional intelligence: Good communication and improved relationships can boost a child’s emotional intelligence. Having the ability to remember a lot of new words can spur children to hold sensible and long conversations with their siblings, friends, and guardians. In this way, they are developing their social interaction and growing emotionally in the environments they have found themselves.

Considering the facts described above, children stand to gain a lot from reading. More so, they can perform brilliantly in their schools and enjoy great relationships with their classmates.

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