Magic Word By Erica Asare
Want to learn the magic words? Or How to become more patient?

Magic Word is a cute and colorful story that teaches children to be patient in a fun and imaginative way.
This book is about a cute girl Sophie, who is a little impatient. Sophie went to a flower shop with her mum and told her mum to purchase a plant pot. But her mom says, ‘No,’ and this thing repeats whenever they visit the plant shop. One day her mom agrees to buy this pot because Sophie uses the magic word PLEASE!
Now Sophie realizes that crying and shouting is not the solution, but a politer approach does the magic!
Teaching patience to your child is one of the best things you can do as a parent. This charming picture book makes it easier for parents to teach children the importance of using magical words like Thank you, sorry, and please, and encouraged them to have patience in public places.
This book teaches children to have patience, self-control techniques and encourages them to use magic words. The Illustrations are vibrant and colorful so that children can understand the story by the pictures themselves.
Perfect for 2+



This book is so AMAZING! My 6-year-old daughter loved the message of this book so much that she asked me to buy another one for her best friend at school for their birthday gift. Overall, The illustrations and storyline of this book are so rewarding! The writing and language used in this book also allow your child to read and see the words clearly. I will definitely recommend this book to all children who are book lovers..



This book is a lovely book, my little one really enjoys reading it.
Lovely pictures!



Amazing book
An amazing book it's vibrant with beautiful pictures.. my niece loved it the story is captivating but also teaches a valuable lesson. 



"The best book for children"

This is a story of a little girl named Amira. Her teacher Ms. Thompson announces that there will be a fancy dress day tomorrow at school. Everyone supposed to bring their costume. Amira decides to wear her special dress. But somehow she picks the wrong bag while going to the school and later she couldn't find the costume in it because it was a wrong bag.
Her friends help her and managed the situation very well.

The story is written beautifully, it inspires readers to help others in need

Sarthak Panchal


Great Book!

Amira's Princess Dress is such a lovely book, it teaches children to be resilient and problem solve. The illustrations are very eye catching.

Rachael Hill